Things Overlooked During Pre-Production

Posted: March 16, 2020

BLOG / Things Overlooked During Pre-Production


Pre-production is the phase where you transform your idea into a workable project. It is the process of planning and preparing to produce a film.  It is important because in this phase,  you write scripts, create storyboards, create shot lists, shooting schedules, choose locations, and communicate expectations to the client and crew. It helps everyone to know what is exactly going on. When you value pre-production, you will be able to better manage the risks of video production such as: staying under budget and completing the project within the right parameters. All while improving your client's experience with your company!


One way you can improve your pre-production is by properly scouting your locations. When the location manager or scout chooses a place that may work for the production, they should take notes on: 


When making your shot list be sure to include:

By being this specific, you will have better communication with everyone involved with the production.

“ My time on the set is the least of my involvement. Most of my time is in pre-production and post-production.”  

― Charlie Kaufman


Another way your pre-production could improve is by having an organized shooting schedule and shot list. When planning your schedule, always keep in mind that shooting in chronological order is not always the best way to go. There are factors that play into knowing what to shoot based upon location, time of day, etc. Having an efficient schedule will save you time while shooting!


Speaking of communication; that is something that can be improved by having thorough pre-production! When you value the pre-production process by making everything specific and organized, you improve your communication with the crew and the client! That way everyone is on the same page with what is happening and when it's happening!


By having done all of this to up your pre-production game, you make your crew and client's experience the best that it can be! Your crew will thank you for making their instructions simple to understand and for saving them time by sticking to schedule. And your client will not only thank you for providing them with an awesome final product, but they will also applaud you for being organized and a great communicator to them!


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