Music Video

Compositions that accompanies an artist’s song, used to market and promote their single or album.

What can a music video do for you?

You spent hours writing, composing, and recording your latest hit: now you desire listeners to soak it up. A music video serves as a commercial for your new single, making your musical masterpiece visual. We want to help you visually tell the story of your song, communicating its meaning by intertwining visuals with your sound.


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Alpha5 - InTheZone

Songwriter and music producer Charles Tate of InTheZone performs his single, "Alpha5," drawing on his nostalgic love for the Power Rangers to describe how his woman makes him feel.

Talk About It - The Ambassador (feat. Efrem)

When people love something, they talk about it. In his single, "Talk About It," the Ambassador shows that with people boasting about all the things grabbing their hearts and affections today, he will talk about the One he loves.

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