Corporate Film

Stories of a company's brand, services, or products, or an organization’s mission, efforts, and fundraising opportunities. 

What can a corporate film do for you?

Your business has stories to tell. Whether you want to highlight a particular product, show a service project for the community, or introduce a new team member, corporate films take 1-5 minutes and tell stories that help customers see what your business is up to and what you are about.


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Flex MBA

For the individual who works a full-time job and wants an option for night classes, the College of William and Mary offers their Flex MBA program, allowing students to complete their studies alongside classmates who understand the trenches of the business world. The Dean of W&M's Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Ken White, explains the Flex MBA experience, with many faculty and students offering contributions that seek to encourage potential candidates on the fence to take the plunge.

Hampton Roads Fellowship

Hampton Roads Fellowship, a church in Newport News, VA, has been gifted a church building from another local congregation, Calvary Baptist. HRF member Will Palmer explains the process of how the six-year old congregation (HRF) has outgrown their current meeting location, and shows how generously the 120 year old congregation (Calvary) has been to give their facilities to HRF. Will asks viewers to consider praying and giving to help Hampton Roads Fellowship make the construction changes necessary to create Calvary's building into their new church home.

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